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5 Tips on Maintaining a Positive Email Reputation

email delugeIf you're going to be taking the time to create and send emails to your clients and prospects, you want them to reach their destination. There are things you can do to help your emails get delivered successfully. Here are five tips to avoid a bad email reputation:

1. Raise your Text-to-Image and Text-to-Link ratio. Sending emails with too many images or too many links will raise the spam flag for most email providers. Plus, remember that most email recipients will block images by default, as a part of their email settings, until they click to "show" the images. So, having more text is important.

2. Keep your subject short and sweet. The subject should let the recipient know what the email is regarding. It should not be a paragraph, or even a sentence in most cases – less than 60 characters is best. Leave out the special characters like exclamation points or asterisks, and don't use ALL CAPS. Check that everything is spelled correctly, and stay away from "spammy" words like "Buy Now!" and "Free."

3. Be precise. Shorter emails get better results, and better response.