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Are Electronic Signatures Right for Your Business?

March 16 2011

go green new yearGuest Contributor GoPaperless says:

More and more REALTORS® are completing real estate transactions using electronic signatures. Not surprisingly, these REALTORS® do not miss chasing faxes or maintaining large files of paperwork. These REALTORS® are finding also that real estate moves faster in the digital world, and clients are impressed with the speed and ease with which the transactions occur.

So how does it work?

In cases where the clients are at a distance, like at home for example while the REALTOR® is at their office or on the road, the REALTOR® will send the client a link to the documents with the areas they need to sign highlighted. The client will identify themselves and click to sign the document over the Internet. The electronic signature is legally binding in a real estate or other business transaction, so the process moves forward the same as it would have had the client and REALTOR® met for an in-person signing. Obviously, not having that meeting saved everyone a great deal of time.

Now, if the clients are present, and the REALTOR® has chosen to use Real Estate Dashboard and a tablet PC, they can have the clients sign the documents right there on the computer screen. Using a special technology, these electronic signatures are bound to real estate documents in such a way that they cannot be altered or removed (only crossed out, just like with pen and paper). The result is a simulation of the traditional signing but without printing the documents. This option is the fastest electronic signature in real estate and can mean the difference between getting the home or not. The documents can be faxed immediately via the Internet from the PC right after they are signed.

When it comes to working with your client, it's all about service, optimizing your time, your clients time, productivity, and return on your investment.

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