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5 Quick Tips to Help You with Time Management

April 22 2015

Multitasking man largeTime management is a skill that seems impossible to master. That doesn't mean we can't try our best to be extremely productive and get the most out of our day. Here are five quick tips that will help you get the most out of your day and one step closer to mastering the art of time management:

1. Use a calendar

Using a calendar gives you less of a chance of forgetting about projects, tasks or meetings that you have scheduled. Skimming your calendar also allows you to anticipate how you are going to approach your day/week/month so you can meet your deadlines.

2. Limit your tasks to a set amount of time

Sticking to a set amount of time allows you to avoid having a simple task that should take two hours from taking up your entire day.

3. Block your distractions

Whether that's colleagues, social media accounts or your music playlist. When you need to get something done, separate yourself from things that distract you.

4. Target to be early

Set 'soft' deadlines. In most scenarios it doesn't hurt to be a little early. So when you're planning out your calendar, schedule things to be done a little ahead of time. This will give a buffer zone for unforeseen circumstances.

5. Learn to say no

Sometimes, no matter how much we would like to please everyone, it's best to say no instead of setting yourself up with unrealistic expectations. This saves you from letting people down when they are relying on you.

I hope these tips help you with getting the most out of your day. Unfortunately, I am approaching the end of my allotted time for this task! Leave a comment below with any additional tips that will help readers out!

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