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4 Google Analytics Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

p2 4GoogleAnalyticTipsAs a real estate agent, you know that your online presence is of crucial importance to grow both your lead database and your bottom line. You need to establish your brand, have a stunning platform and turn your visitors into customers.

That's when the measurement part comes in play. You can't optimize what you don't measure. It's great if you already have access to Google Analytics, but does it really help you to get more out of your business?

In this article I share four tips to help you work with Google Analytics in a better and more effective way.

1. Filter Out Your Own IP Addresses

I imagine that you work on your online platform on a weekly or even daily basis. You need to add new content, change existing pages or simply like to see whether everything works the way it should.

By default, Google Analytics tracks sessions (their term for visits) from all people that visit your website. This includes sessions that reflect visits by you and your colleagues. In my experience, especially when traffic numbers are not incredibly high, this can skew your data a lot.

Let's assume you measure 100 sessions on your site, and four sent in lead generation forms. Within these numbers, there are 20 sessions from yourself (or colleagues) and two lead generation forms sent as a test.

Here are the resulting numbers:

p2 4GoogleAnalyticTips 2

Without any additional configuration, you measure your conversion rate as 4.0%, but in reality it is 2.5%. Small numbers, big differences!

That's why I recommend that you filter out any "known" IP addresses from your company or partners. Your office behavior doesn't have anything to do with the performance of your site. Please keep that in mind.