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Apple Watch For Real Estate

March 30 2015

vl apple watch 1I am not sure what the market penetration breakdown is for Apple vs. Android phones in real estate, but suffice it to say that there is a significant number of iPhone users. Many agents report that their smartphone is among their most valuable business tools, and for good reason. Your internet connected phone lets you stay connected to every component of your business to keep you on the track to great customer service and the success that comes with it.

Long gone are the days of putting an "out of office" message on your desk phone and on your email responder. This was a best practice years ago when the internet was not omnipresent and internet enabled devices were clunky to use. Let's face it, the Palm 7 was a magical device but it barely worked. Today's smartphones are now complemented by a plethora of applications that allow real estate agents to stay connected to everything in their business.

The problem with being connected all of the time is that you are, um...connected all of the time. While it may be fine for teenagers to walk around staring at their phone all day long, that is not the right impression for professional real estate agents.

The good news is that Apple and Google understand this. The first effort was to develop earpieces that allowed users to keep the phone in the pocket. That works great for hands-free phone calls and listening to music, but serves little more. Google took a swing with Google Glass – another promising attempt – but like the earpiece, it's a bit awkward. I purchased them and was pretty disappointed, especially by the reaction that it had on people. I always feel like someone out of a Twilight Zone or Star Trek episode. Again, not the "look" of a professional real estate agent.

The current accessory that seems to hold the greatest promise for real estate agents is the watch. The Google watch has been out for awhile, but the Apple watch appears to be poised to at least close the gap for iPhone users or possibly leapfrog Google altogether.

As you can see, the Apple Watch is beautifully designed and pulls the vital communications that are flooding your phone directly to your wrist:

vl apple watch 2

vl apple watch 3

vl apple watch 4

vl apple watch 5

vl apple watch 6

The Apple Watch will be available April 24. Learn more here.Learn more here.

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