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Five Ways to Turn Past Clients into Repeat Business

March 19 2015

hfinder past clients repeatThe spring selling season is an ideal time to reconnect with former clients who may be looking to buy or sell. One of the best ways to reconnect is to provide something of value, with no strings attached. Focus on what you can give instead of what you will get, and turn your past clients into repeat business. Below are five helpful topics to share with your network.

1. Local market updates

If you have clients who are considering a move, a positive update about the current real estate environment could convince them to list. Send high-level information that applies to their current situation or local market. Share news concerning home value, property taxes and neighborhood comps as well. Include how this news relates to their situation and how they should respond to this update.

2. Appeal to their interests

Do you have DIY-loving customers who want to build a patio for their new home? Check out your favorite gardening, interior design or home improvement sites and forward any information that would appeal to their interests. Offer to connect them with contractors, designers or landscapers within your network.

3. Referral thank you

If a previous client has sent you referral business, elevate your thank you note with an e-gift card to their favorite restaurant, or to a local retailer. Your clients will appreciate the gesture and local businesses will be grateful for your support.

4. Neighborhood activities

Keep your clients up to date with neighborhood current events. Sharing information like the summer festival schedule, a list of kid-friendly restaurants or a map of nearby farmers markets will help grow your neighborhood economy and cement your standing as a local authority.

5. Chances to win

Did you hear about (or want to host) a contest or sweepstakes that could appeal to your clients? Sharing opportunities like these is a great way to engage your network without spamming their inbox. Share opportunities that are free or come at little cost to your client.

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