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How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Real Estate Website

la drive organic trafficFact: No matter how great you think your real estate website is, if you simply sit back and expect it to get tons of organic search traffic and therefore tons of leads, you are going to be greatly, greatly disappointed.

If you are in this boat, don't feel bad. Week in and week, out we hear agents tell us how they paid tons of money for a custom website and it just isn't working. While it is theoretically possible that there could be some SEO problems with the site in question, more often than not, that is not the case. The reason these sites "Aren't Working" is because the real estate agent has spent no time planning or deploying a content marketing strategy to build organic search traffic.

A solid inbound marketing plan, and a content marketing strategy to go along with it, is critical if you want to succeed in the organic search game. Besides just driving traffic, your inbound marketing plan should be targeted so that you don't get just "any traffic" but the specific traffic you want that is comprised of your ideal clients.

Because this is such a frequent misconception about websites, and because content marketing seems to be such a tough thing to get ramped up for many agents, today I thought I would share three tips to consider when planning your content marketing strategy.