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How You Can Help Home Buyers and Owners Beyond the Real Estate Transaction

March 16 2015

n4less help beyond transactionPast clients are the lifeline of your business, generating a steady stream of referrals and repeat transactions as an agent. There are quite a number of ways in which you can stay in touch with your clients without becoming a nuisance. In today's electronically connected world, newsletters, market statistics and social media are a few good ways to achieve that. You need to keep those connections alive past a transaction.

It has a lot to do with intuitively judging what your customers want in a relationship after a transaction. Rather than focus on the reasons for staying in touch, today we are going to look at the "how" and which tools and ideas can help.

Deliver some news your clients can use

Your clients will be excited when you provide them with useful information such as the latest community news and the local housing market. You can share information on the mortgage market, foreclosure information and some useful tips and ideas on real estate.

You can offer concierge-level access to local resources through a Home Services Directory such as those powered by Nest4Less. This will help them obtain the services of reputable, local service providers they might otherwise not know about. Other useful news may include home maintenance reminders, home design tips, or remodeling ideas or helpful articles on everything from property maintenance to selling advice.

Get creative!

Special events or extra helpful touches also will go a long way in building a healthy relationship with your past clients. Here is an idea:

Coming to their rescue: Consider some of the information that your past clients may need on real estate and put yourself in the role of "saving the day." This may include connecting them with a list of vendors from electricians to plumbers to handymen. You may also consider helping them with information on how to appeal their property taxes.

Create a social networking relationship

Social networking sites, along with emails, are the most modern ways of staying in touch with your customers. Social media makes it easy to create relationships on an informal and a friendlier basis. You can use Facebook's friends list feature to customize and group your friends into lists such as industry contacts, first-time home buyers, past clients, among other groups. By doing this, you can easily manage your contacts.

Set-up an alert for your customers

There are plenty of tools to help you track your customers, such as TalkwalkerTalkwalker, Google Alerts and mentions on social media. Pick a tool and set up alerts for your clients and maybe their topics of interest, then reconnect with something to offer, such as trends in the real estate industry. The primary objective here is to turn your relationship into a more meaningful one.

Comment and appreciate their feedback

A lot of people write article and blog posts. Few receive comments and questions, but they never reply to them, which can be disheartening. Your customers will really appreciate your response to their comments. Also subscribe to their blogs or articles and leave thoughtful comments.

Keep helpful notes

Let's say you run into a customer and he says, "How is Jason's first year of school going?"

Wow! He knows your son's name and that he is in first grade. You barely remember his name or whether he has children at all. You need to add notes to your contacts or keep an informal database.

Whatever you do, stay in touch

Staying in touch with your customers is vital. It is all about working your magic and making relationships with your clients bring an unforgettable experience to your business so that three or five years down the line, the clients will remember to call you when it's time for their next transaction. Put in some effort; it is well worth it.

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