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What Luxury Clients Prefer: Apple Devices and Traditional Media

March 11 2015

Apple's latest product announcements suggest that the company is trying to position itself as a luxury brandluxury brand. At a media event on Monday, the company unveiled a $10,000 version of its new Apple Watch as well as a redesigned Macbook that comes in gold.

But is Apple really the choice of the well-heeled crowd? The data suggests that it may be. Last spring, an analysis of 3 billion tweetsanalysis of 3 billion tweets found that iPhone users are geographically concentrated in wealthier areas. The map below shows how iPhones users (in red) coat affluent Manhattan, while Android dominates the less wealthy outer boroughs. The trend repeats in other locales, as well--San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London all map out along the same economic lines.

luxury iphone manhattan

So does that mean you should trade your PC in for a Mac or your Android devices in for an iPhone or iPad? Not necessarily. The best tech for you is what you feel most comfortable using. Android is great for those firmly ensconced in the Google ecosystem--Gmail, Google Drive, and your phone all work seamlessly together on Android.

But if you work in a luxury market and you're trying to reflect the values of your client base, switching to Apple may be a route you should consider. At the very least, make sure that your website looks good and functions properly on iOS devices. Similarly, any apps you offer clients (like branded search apps, eSignature, etc.) need to work flawlessly on Apple products.

With all of this talk of Apple vs. Android, you'd think reaching wealthy prospects on their shiny new iPad via online ads or email is the best course of action. You'd be wrong, however. When it comes to advertising, a surveysurvey from last year suggests that traditional media is the way to go. According to the study, the top five channels for engaging millionaires are:

  1. Print Newspapers
  2. Television
  3. Print Magazines
  4. Websites
  5. Mail sent to their homes

With the exception of websites, all of these options are soundly outside of the digital realm. And you thought print was dead! So if you're a luxury agent, it's certainly important you to have an elegant, mobile-friendly website, but also consider taking out ads in local media. Most publications offer demographic data for potential advertisers, so use it to target wisely.

While print and television advertising require deeper pockets than digital channels, realize that you may have to spend more to make more with luxury clients. But take comfort in the fact that the premium you spend on traditional advertising has the potential to net a bigger commission.