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Fresh Out of Marketing Ideas? Here Are 100!

March 09 2011

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1. Volunteer for your voting precinct – Call the Precinct chair.  Get seen by more neighbors and clients
2. Send Birthday wishes for Mom, Dad, and the Kids
3. Send House Anniversary cards annually
4. Send a scratch off lottery ticket with birthday or anniversary cards
5. Send a letter quarterly that relates personal information about your family and activities. Ask your clients to tell you what’s going on in their life.  Include a stamped envelope for return
6. Make a charitable contribution from the proceeds of each transaction, and let your clients know
7. Send Quarterly statistics to your farm for that specific farm area. Homeowners love this information
8. Send postcards twice a year to remind clients to change their clock for Daylight Savings.
9. Send a postcard to your farm announcing the time and location of the meeting area in the neighborhood for National Night Out – 8-15-08 this year.
10. Bring Goodies, Cookies, water , soft drink to your H.O.A. meeting
11. Send Just Listed Postcards
12. Send Just Sold Post Cards
13. Send birth announcements for your own children and grandchildren to your own clients – helps keep clients feeling connected to you
14. Join the PTA – Even if you don’t have children
15. Walk around the neighborhood,  meet your neighbors
16. Walk your dog in your own neighborhood or the one you are farming
17. Sponsor a kids sports team through school, church, etc.  Go to the games
18. Place an advertisement in the school year book
19. Place an advertisement in the H.O.A. directory
20. Sponsor homework folders for school
21. Throw a house warming or a meet the new neighbors party for your clients after they move in. Send the invitations, bring the wine and snacks (or coffee and deserts), greet everyone, and help make introductions.
22. Put flags out – Memorial Day, Independence Day. If you don’t have a farm area, do your own neighborhood, or go to each of your friends homes, and put flags out on their whole block.
23. July 4th Parade – Participate and bring give-away items with your card attached. For inexpensive give-away items, check

24. Hold an Open House – Have snacks like popcorn and M&M’s ready with your card attached and a note saying “Thanks for popping in. Leave coupons for local eateries out for visitors to take.
25. Telephone all your clients in the first quarter of the year and thank them for your great year, let them know what this year’s goals are, confirm that they received your calendar or end of the year gift item.
26. Second Quarter phone call – ask clients if they have received their tax valuation and offer a CMA to insure that it is on target.
27. Third quarter phone call – ask clients to verify/update the information that you have for them, telephone numbers and email addresses etc.
28. Fourth Quarter phone call – give holiday greetings and best wished for the year’s end.
29. Within two weeks of closing, contact other side of transaction by telephone and add them to your contact list. Treat them as your own client.
30. Each time you have a closing, set aside two copies of the HUD-1 settlement statement (One for each side). In January, mail copies to all clients with a note that you have provided this so it is handy as tax preparation approaches.
31. Send New Homeowners instructions for filing the homestead exemption in January
32. Follow up on all mailings with Telephone calls ( Important )
33. Have a great list of Vendors – be the go to person for your clients. Go to experienced agents for their vendor lists

34. Call clients and ask them to assist you in starting you r business by providing the names of their favorite trusted vendors
35. Purchase business card files (book type files similar to weekly calendars) and fill with business cards for your preferred vendors – Provide "A" list clients. Keep updated, add new cards and remove cards when clients report bad experiences.
36. Set your website up to capture information from visitors and automatically start a drip system of emails (visitors sign up and give permission for this contact).
37. Put together seminars on topics of interest to homeowners- the current market, mortgage rates etc. Schedule for the second Tuesday or Thursday of the month and expect approximately 5 % -10% response rates.
38. Invite clients to a software training class at your office
39. Create CMA’s for your “A” list clients at the end of each year and send them out. Encourage clients to keep them and compare their homes value from year to year.
40. Send and give out Cowboy calendars
41. Send Newsletters – Print and regular mail service or email. One vendor for newsletters is and check out www.home-warrantycom/index.php
42. If you are creating a newsletter, include home sales statistics for the target area and target city

43. For “A” list clients – send a concierge service letter. Ask for information such as their favorite restaurant, foods, wines, birthdays etc. You can now make your contacts and gifts to this list highly customized.
44. Hold a client appreciation party – For $10.00 per person you can take your clients to a matinee movie.
45. Buy season tickets to a sporting event and invite the people you know.
46. The invitation is what counts- sometimes your clients won’t be able to attend but they will remember you thought of them.
47. Keep your eye out for inexpensive gifts (under $10.00) such as books, and give them out as gifts as you stop by.
48. Create a FSBO packet and bring it to the homeowner
49. Create a relocation packet and send it to clients considering a move out of town.
50. Mail out school calendar information – holidays, events etc.
51. Order stamps with clients new address as a closing gift.
52. For a holiday gift – give a bottle of wine in an attractive package to all buyer and seller clients you have worked with this year. Put personal labels on the bottle, Compliments of….
53. Purchase Holiday Cd’s with your information on them to give to clients
54. Buy a new home ornament with the year on it for all buyers who you have represented this year and bring it as a pop by gift.
55. Deliver all gifts large and small personally to your client! Build the relationship

56. You can purchase a bottle of wine with a picture of the home you have sold to your buyers. Give as a yearend closing gift
57. Write a letter of thanks to your clients for their support of your success this year. Send during November as we celebrate Thanksgiving.
58. Give or send Calendars for the following year in the month of December. Get there first. Calendars can be on Postcards, magnets etc. If you purchase the type that is mounted with magnets on the refrigerator, clients will call you next year to request a refill.
59. Survey clients, ask for feedback. Check out for a free online service. If you use postal service to mail surveys, enclose a stamped self addressed envelope. Invest in a P.O. Box and mark return address to the attention of “Research Center” Ask for comments, ask for permission to use those comments in marketing materials.
60. After listing a home, go door to door on that block and let neighbors know about the home. Ask if they know anyone that may be interested.
61. When you represent a buyer, ask permission to put a Sold sign in the yard for a few weeks after closing that states you have sold this home.
62. Announce your website via email, newsletter, or postcard. List a few benefits – School information, active listings, buyer and seller Tips, etc.
63. Send mailing through the postal service where you ask trivia question or riddle and offer a prize for the winner who is picked. Specify that responses are sent to your email address. Capture the email addresses sent for future electronic mailings
64. Focus all marketing materials on the client not on you the realtor.
65. Put listings on your website – they bring buyers. If you don’t have listings borrow some.
66. When you have a sold listing, get the buyers telephone number. Call within a week to see how they are doing, add them to your mailing list and stay in touch.

67. Have a Buyers information package ready for new clients
68. Have a sellers information package ready for new clients
69. Give your personal brochure to builders and other vendors; Let them see how you set yourself apart from other agents.
70. Create bookmarks for just listed properties or yourself and use to advertise your services. Give to your sellers to give out to their sphere of influence at church,school,work etc
71. Buy or create coloring books for your clients children. Mail them with a letter and a box of small crayons
72. Send out home improvement tips – leaky faucets, how to fix a sheet rock, etc. Be the Go to person
73. Write 5 Personal  notes a day
74. Scan Newspaper/publications for names and send notes
75. Hold 40+ open houses a year
76. Join clubs and participate
77. Have a client appreciation night at the movies
78. Distribute newsletters with sold info and buyer needs
79. Send referral gift as soon as referral is received
80. Wear your name badge
81. Distribute (include to seller) business card sized listing information flyers/brochures
82. Give buyers a digital disposable camera and watch what they take pictures of

83. Get back cover of school directory by agreeing to obtain all advertising
84. Send postcard announcing complimentary ice cream truck in neighborhood
85. Include model names and upgrades on properties sold in newsletters, sold postcards etc
86. Have 2-3 Standard closing gifts
87. Give house warming party for buyers
88. Provide Moving day basket
89. Use magnetic signs or customized lettering on vehicles
90. Call your clients and ask how they are
91. Call your clients to offer to review their tax assessment figures
92. Call your clients to thank them for their business
93. Call your clients to tell them about your website
94. Call your clients to give holiday greetings
95. Drop by your clients with a small gift
96. Email your clients
97. Send postcards toy our clients
98. Send newsletters to your clients
99. Have a coloring contest in your Farm and make every entry a winner

100. Never forget your clients and they will always remember you. If you don’t tell them that you love them, someone else will.

This article was written by Brett NoelBrett Noel, of Century 21 Hometown.