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Are You In A Real Estate Marketing Rut?

March 06 2015

leading agent marketing rutIt happens to everyone at one time or another. It also happens to everyone for different reasons. Perhaps business is crazy and diverting you away from thinking about ways to keep your marketing messages fresh. Maybe you are experiencing a bit of "writer's block" and you literally just feel like you are out of ideas and cannot possibly come up with one more idea. Or, maybe life is good, you are "happy and fat," and complacency somehow seems comfortable.

No matter which one of these categories you may fall into, remember two things:

  1. Ruts happen to everyone at one time or another, so don't beat yourself up too bad.
  2. Ruts are not good and when you detect one, you need to deal with it ASAP.

So if they happen to everyone, why should you worry so much about them? The answer is simple. Long term, a rut will ultimately impact the health and well being of your real estate practice.

There is an old saying, "If you stop for lunch, you become lunch." This saying was in relation to the high tech industry during the dot com era and had a lot to do with how fast technology was moving and how, in the blink of an eye, you could be out of the game. Even though not directly linked to real estate, the saying does actually relate in some ways.

There are many, many agents in your marketplace. They are all vying to steal that next listing FROM YOU. You worked hard to establish yourself in your farm area. You paid your dues and are now reaping the rewards. Why would you possibly want to let getting in a rut jeopardize that? You do not.

Today I would like to share with you two things to consider if you find you are in a rut and some ways you can combat ruts to stay at the top of the marketplace, where you so richly deserve to stay.

1) Complacency is your enemy

Simply doing something because "that is what everyone does" or "that is how I have always done it" or, even worse, "because it's so easy" are not reasons to do anything at all. First off, you are marketing to people in your marketplace, telling them you are passionate about real estate, passionate about the local community and passionate about wanting to help them sell their homes for the highest price possible. If you are simply putting any old message out to your marketplace, not giving thought to it or, even worse, sending the same piece over and over and over, you are going to fail on two levels.

Homeowners will stop paying attention to your messages if they are always the same (consistent branding IS NOT sending the same marketing piece over and over). Homeowners are also smarter than you think. They are going to pick up on the fact that you are literally just "mailing it in" without giving thought to your marketing. If you don't give thought to your own business, how on earth are they going to feel when they start to consider how hard you are going to work to try to sell their home?

2) When you get a block or lose inspiration, go back to square one

When it comes to getting writer's block, trust me, I feel your pain. On average, we post anywhere from two to four articles per week on our website. The vast majority of the articles on our website are things that I've thought about and things I've written myself. I love writing for you guys. I am happy knowing that there is someone out there that couldn't figure out how to solve some issue they were facing that read one of my articles and was able to get their real estate practice back on track. I feel a great sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm about this.

That said, some days, even though I totally want to help people and educate them about marketing, I honestly cannot come up with one single thing to write about. That is when, more than ever, you have to have a plan to remedy the situation.

So what do you do if your farm area doesn't inspire you anymore and ideas start to dry up? While the obvious thing is hire a marketing agency to help you, I do have a couple of suggestions that may get you back in the mind frame necessary to come up with marketing gold.

The first thing I would suggest is actually jump in your car and take a drive out to your geographic farm area. This will do two things for you. First off, if you have been caught up in working and not actually paying attention to a lot of things, it will give you the opportunity to take a deep breath and actually analyze the area, see what's new, what's getting older, and what might be noteworthy. Another benefit to this is that you are in a car. I know that doesn't sound like it makes sense, but there have been many studies that prove when you are in a car, on a train, in a shower, or on a plane that you can come up with your best ideas. It is because you are taking yourself out of the situation of not being able to figure things out and simply driving and letting your mind wander. When the mind is free to wander, inspiration occurs.

Take a trip to your farm area, drive around and check it out, and then go for a drive. The results will surprise you.

There are obviously many ways to keep your marketing fresh and to make sure you avoid those ruts at all costs. Hopefully these two tips might give you just what you need to steer clear of ruts, stay inspired and keep growing your real estate practice.

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