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How Video is Changing The Industry

March 10 2011

global communicationsThe Internet has evolved from simple searches and email being the primary means of online communication. While the Internet is still widely used for these purposes,  the dynamic changing player on the scene is social media. These websites, driven by user created content, provide a platform for people to rapidly connect and share information with like-minded individuals via online forums and groups.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube are among the most highly-trafficked sites on the Internet. YouTube in particular is incredibly popular, spurring the growth of online video making it one of the most important avenues of communication on the Internet.


The huge (and still growing!) importance of online videos has impacted almost every sector of the economy, including real estate. With videos, realtors can save huge amounts of resources by showcasing properties without even leaving the house. They allow for the type of valuable transparency that converts prospective customers into buying clients and provide access to a vast customer base as they can be easily posted and viewed by anyone with Internet access, anywhere in the world.

Personally connecting with customers without traveling, proves video is a valuable asset in the industry.  It's a reflection of a general trend toward doing more business online as opposed to meeting in person because it has simply become more efficient and easier for all parties involved.

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