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Top 15 Apps and Tools for Your Business this Spring

March 03 2015

mobile web apps1. Storehouse: What is Storehouse? Simply put, it's visual storytelling at its finest. A picture might say a thousand words, but Storehouse has brought an entirely new meaning to this phrase. Clients want to know what you're all about, and with this innovative app, you can seamlessly combine photos and videos in a single location to create an eye grabbing collage that illustrates the story of your business like never before. iTunes

2. Mobile Friendly: Have you ever tapped on a Google Search result on your mobile phone, only to find yourself looking at a page where the text was too small, the links were tiny, and you had to scroll sideways to see all the content? This simple check will test the mobile readability. Google

3. GoPro App: There's been a lot of buzz around the multi-functional GoPro camera, and now there's an app that allows you to not only control what you are filming from your smartphone, but also to instantly share the footage you've collected with your social networks. Videos are in high demand in the real estate industry and with the GoPro app, you can now effortlessly share HD quality clips whenever and wherever you want. iTunes | Google Play

4. Phramed: Tired of having to switch back and forth between social networks to share the same picture? Phramed simplifies the process of posting to multiple platforms by allowing you to edit, combine and share the same picture(s) with all of your networks without ever having to leave the application. Have a new listing? Now you can snap a few photos of its unique features, add them all to a collage and instantly share them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or even send direct texts to clients who may be looking for a new home! iTunes

5. Nest: The home automation trend is evolving and Nest is leading the charge! Using Nest, homeowners can protect their home and cut down on energy costs right from their mobile device. From scheduling when you want the home to be heated or cooled throughout the day to receiving alerts when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, Nest offers innovative ways to manage all aspects of a home, even when you're on the road. Consider providing this as a gift for your next client and they will be thinking of you every time they save money on their electric bill. iTunes | Google Play

6. Pebble: A smart watch that conveniently displays important updates from your smartphone. iTunes | Google Play

7. Genius Scan: With all the paperwork that is involved with buying or selling a home, wouldn't it be nice to know that you always have everything you need? With Genius Scan you can store all of your important documents in a single location, upload new documents and share them with your clients on-the-go, or even expedite your expenditures as quickly as they come in without ever having to run back to the office. iTunes | Google Play

8. Waze: You know how it goes, you're on the way to a meeting across town and your commute comes to a screeching halt because of a traffic jam or roadwork. Waze is a community based traffic application that pulls updates on real time road conditions from other users to provide you with the best route to get to your destination on time. Waze gives you the peace of mind in knowing that traffic won't keep you from getting where you need to go before you even leave the house! iTunes | Google Play

9. Yesware and Mailtracker: Provides real time notifications about when your emails have been opened, what device they were opened on, how many times an email has been viewed and much more. Yesware iTunes | Mailtracker iTunes

10. IF by IFTTT: integrates activity from different apps to work simultaneously. iTunes | Google Play

11. Commute Widget: Do clients frequently ask about how far a property is from their office building or a local shopping district? The Commute Widget can be embedded into your website, so visitors who are interested in a particular listing can look up the estimated travel times to their most frequented locations. iTunes | Google Play

12. Rhonna Designs: Add personality to your photo edits with Rhonna Designs App. iTunes | Google Play

13. KeyMe: creates a digital copy of any key and stores it on your mobile device, which can later be used to order a new key in case you ever lose the original. iTunes

14. Carrot: a to-do list app that helps you prioritize tasks that need to be completed. iTunes

15. Cloze: pulls relevant information about people that are important to your business from social media, email correspondences and other online resources all to a single location. iTunes | Google Play

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