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The Top 10 Business Relationships for Lead Networking

February 24 2015

webbox business network leadsReal estate professionals spend a huge amount of time and money in marketing activities. Lead generation through advertising in print, on the Internet, and in other media is at the top of our business growth list of activities. Networking can be a major source of highly qualified leads, and our business network can be where we get the best of them.

1. Home Repair Professionals

Whether they're ready to sell now or not, every homeowner is calling in repair companies to care for their home's condition. Some may tell the repair person that they are getting the home ready for sale, a great time for the repair pro to give you a call or give them your card for a listing appointment.

When you're in the inspection phase of a transaction, whether on the buyer or seller side, you will have opportunities to advise about or refer repair professionals. Consistently referring trustworthy and high quality repair companies will generate good will, and they'll return the favor.

2. Attorneys

In many states attorneys are not involved in real estate transactions other than to draft deeds and other legal documents specific to the closing. In other states they may handle the closing instead of a title company. Lawyers are involved in real estate deals, and your relationship with good attorneys can deliver business.

Attorneys also work with asset management companies, estate planners, those involved in probate, and banks and lenders. You should cultivate relationships with real estate attorneys and send them business. They'll refer your way as well.

3. Accountants

Many homeowners never call an accountant in relation to their homes, even when they're ready to list to sell. However, some may have had the need for a real estate accountant in the past, so you'll want to build relationships with them.

A more lucrative accountant relationship could be with one who works with investors, especially rental property investors. They often have their documents and leases drafted or blessed by an attorney, and a relationship with an investor can bring you repeat business.

4. Remodelers

Contractors who build and remodel homes are definitely a great referral resource. Some homeowners will call them for estimates of jobs to improve the home to make it more appealing to buyers. They want to know if remodeling the kitchen will pay back in a sale of the home. These contractors also do a lot of work for fix and flip investors, and you could be getting listings to sell their refurbished homes if you work with them.

5. Home Boutiques and Furnishings Stores

These are high end retailers who sell artwork and other home decorative items. Their customers are often repeat buyers who value their home's appearance and environment. These homes will be some of the best candidates for resale, as they'll usually be in great condition and in upscale neighborhoods.

6. Interior Designers and Decorators

Keeping on the topic of upscale homes and interiors, these designers and decorators work with people who want their home to be special, and they have the money to make it happen. You'll get an intro to higher end homes for future listings.

7. Surveyors

Sure, you usually come into contact with surveyors after a deal is in play. However, they also do a lot of work for land and homeowners who simply want to nail down their boundaries before construction on their property or for other reasons unrelated to a current transaction. Land owners may hire them to plat out a road onto the property or a building envelope for restriction purposes.

8. Mortgage Brokers

An active mortgage broker can be a great source of business leads for you. They are talking to homeowners seeking refinancing on a regular basis. Some of them may be stressed in their current mortgage and seeking to lower their payments. If they can't do that with refinancing, they may be a great referral for a listing to sell. Refer buyers to good mortgage brokers and they may send sellers your way in return.

9. Home Security Businesses

These companies work every day with homeowners. You do as well, and you work with buyers. Sending them business to install security in homes you've sold will build a lot of good will. They can in turn tell you about homeowners who may be thinking of selling.

10. Inspection Related Professionals

Of course, the main pro here is the home inspector. Some homeowners hire inspectors to tell them what they may expect in the sale process and the reports the potential buyer will receive. They hope to get a leg up on minor repairs and an idea of the demands the buyers will make in the closing process. Getting a referral to this homeowner before they've listed can be a great opportunity.

Don't forget the others in this trade. There are the pest inspectors, well inspectors, foundation specialists, and even radon, asbestos and lead base paint inspectors. Any of them could be working with homeowners preparing to list for sale.

Network for business with the right professionals and you'll profit.

Build relationships with these professionals and send them business. Be sure they know where the business came from, and that you would like referrals in return. It's just good business.

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