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3 Practical Takeaways To Boost Productivity

March 08 2011

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In this week's episode of The Queue I get back to basics and provide 3 practical takeaways to help your productivity.

This week in the Queue:

Rescue Time

  • Mophie
  • Kayawa
  • Save the Zebra


Rescue Time is a plug in for your computer that will show you exactly where you are spending your time on the web. It allows for locking yourself into a program for a set amount of time as well as pop up alerts when you have spent X amount of time within a specific application or website.

Mophie has a must have iPhone accessory called the Juice Pack which is a case and battery charger in one. I have no idea what I did without it as we all know how fast our smartphone batteries drain. If you have an option like Mophie for the Blackberry or Android please let me know in the comments below.

Kaywa is a QR Code generator site that has all of the normal options for redirecting a scan to a URL, BUT also allows for SMS lead generation which is a nice touch.

Lastly, my good friend Daniel Rothamel aka The Real Estate Zebra is going through a difficult situation that has been written about by Jay Thompson, Chris Brogan and others and if you would like to help support him their is a site for his defense fund where you can donate.




This post originally appeared on Tech Savvy AgentTech Savvy Agent which is the reigning Inman News Most Innovative Blog in Real Estate. Tech Savvy Agent's Co-Founder Chris Smith was recently named the people's choice as the most influential person in the real estate industry largely due to his social media engagement on their Facebook PageFacebook Page and on TwitterTwitter.