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Do Real Estate Agents Over-Work Themselves?

February 16 2015

ixact overworked realtorIn the competitive world of real estate sales, real estate professionals work days, nights and weekends, making themselves available to clients virtually around the clock. But there is a high price to be paid for overwork, according to studies reported by Scientific American.

Without adequate downtime, the human brain loses cognitive power, resulting in poor memory and reduced reasoning skills. In short, you'll become prone to confusion and making mistakes. Simple tasks will take longer than they should. Productivity suffers as fatigue sets in. Stress escalates and compromises health.

If you find yourself compulsively checking email seven days a week, skipping days off, passing up vacations, and shorting yourself on sleep, you could be on the way to professional burnout. What's more, you could be damaging your health! Yet overwork has become a way of life. Our 24×7 digital world can create unrealistic expectations.

Breaking the cycle of overwork can be done, but you must have a plan of action! Include these 5 steps:

1. Structure regular business hours that allow you a set amount of time off on a regular basis.

2. Communicate your business hours to peers and clients. Include your hours of operation in your email signature, voice mail, when you meet with them in person.

3. Do not cheat yourself. When your business hours are done – stay out of your work email. Use an auto-responder to acknowledge messages. Ditto for the phone – state callback times in your voice mail message, and create reasonable expectations.

4. Conduct your workday effectively by prioritizing critical tasks and planning out your time. Don't just roll with the punches.

5. Use smart business systems, such as a real estate CRM like IXACT Contact. IXACT's simple interface and integration with Google Sync make it an easy-to-use solution for database management and lead conversion.

By respecting your own time, planning your workday, and leveraging automation, you can successfully balance your private life and your career. You will also have more mental energy and enthusiasm for your workday, which will lead to better productivity and a stronger bottom line!

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