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How to Engage with Negative Feedback in Social Media

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Social Media is increasing in importance as the real estate industry moves online. With Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn real estate agents, brokers and MLS associations can create relationships, and build an online presense to market their services.

However undisputed the value of Social Media is, it is nonetheless intimidating. One of the main reasons why some MLS associations and real estate professionals scare away from utilizing Social Media is the fear that negative comments will undermine any marketing value.

But Social Media is more informal than traditional marketing environments. Think of it as a conversation. Some may not always be pleasant, but the more conversations you have, the stronger your relationship becomes.

Josh CatoneJosh Catone of MashableMashable recently published a blog discussing this exact issue. He provides helpful ways to deal with negative feedback in a productive and benefitting way.  Whether or not you are online using Social Media to promote your services, those who already use Social Media will talk about you whether or not you're involved. So why not join the conversation?

Josh Catone, Feature Editor at Mashable, outlines a two-step process. First you identify the type of feedback, then you decide on the best reaction. His advice to step back from your initial emotions, and then assess it rationally before reacting, is vital to navigating through Social Media, and most relationships for that matter.

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