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Two Ways to Measure Real Estate Postcard Farming Results

January 30 2015

la measure postcards 1One of the things that always amazes me about agents and their postcard marketing is that by and large, many of them have no idea how to track their postcard farming to see if it is effective or not. When I probe a bit deeper and ask about how they know if what they are doing is effective, I generally get a response that is some flavor of "When the phone rings, I know it has worked."

There are a couple of flaws with this logic. First of all, selling homes for homeowners is a funny thing. You cannot force anyone to sell their home. I defy you to try. Plainly, it's impossible. So the result becomes that homeowners will only call you once they are ready to seriously consider selling their home. This kind of plays into the whole "farming is a process thing." It does take time to start to get results simply because not everyone is ready to sell their home this minute.

What happens though if your messages are off, not interesting to those in your farm area, or not being received well by homeowners? You may be sitting back thinking, "It will come," only to eventually find out that your marketing was off the entire time.

This is very bad. You'll basically have to start again at square one once you realize this and be back at the very beginning of the process. Even worse, you will have spent tons of your hard earned money to learn this tough lesson. Clearly there has to be a better way.

I am happy to say that there is a better way. The better way is to proactively track the results of your postcards marketing, in real-time, or as close to real-time as you can possibly track. Today I want to share with you two such ways that you can track your marketing, proactively, to make sure you are sending "the right" messages to your farm area, thereby ensuring that you get the maximum results possible from your postcard marketing campaigns.

1) Capture Marketing Is Where It's At

la measure postcards 2I've written about this many, many times. If you truly want to bring your traditional marketing into the new marketing era, you have to include Capture Marketing as part of your postcard marketing strategy. Capture marketing gives you a leg up on your competition on many levels.

First of all, as described above, using Capture Codes on your marketing pieces allows you to quantify the results and effectiveness of your marketing pieces in real-time, allowing you to be nimble and make changes, when necessary, to ensure you are getting the maximum results possible with each marketing message.

Secondly, Capture Postcards allow you to leverage one type of marketing to build up another type.

la measure postcards 3

Whether you direct postcard recipients to a landing page (like the one shown above), or a widget on your actual real estate website, you'll see that beyond the capture code number, the capture widget also asks for the homeowner's email address. This allows you to begin collecting more data on people in your marketplace and allowing you to start marketing to them in additional fashions (e.g. email drip marketing).

Obviously, I am partial to my firm's capture marketing system, however there are a few others out there as well, if you are in the shopping and investigating mood. The take home message is that the best practice says you SHOULD use one when deploying a postcard marketing campaign.

2) Landing Pages (Squeeze Pages) Can Work Well Also

What if you don't want to or can't afford to subscribe to a capture marketing system? There are other options for you as well. One great option to consider is the Landing Page.

la measure postcards 4

Landing pages still give you the ability to use a strong call to action on your postcards, to guide homeowners back to your website, or more specifically a landing page built specifically for that campaign. The idea is the homeowner gives you some information and then they are given the item of value promised on that postcard.

The problem with this is that it doesn't automatically pinpoint the homeowner, as there is no system with an offer code that is tracking exactly who is responding. Sometimes the barrier to entry may be considered too high by some homeowners and they move on. You see, they may not want to fill out a bunch of fields on a form. Because of this, you have to be careful how many things you ask for. Other times though, if they are interested enough, they may possibly even give you more information than you could gather from the capture code marketing.

Whatever way you choose to track your real estate Postcard farming, the take home message here is that you have to track your results. Postcard marketing is expensive and you can't afford to wait six or eight months to see if your messages are being well received. You should be able to determine these factors in real-time, making the most of your money, and building your real estate practice as big as possible, as quickly as possible.

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