Listing Syndication - Who's Cited as the Source?

February 16 2011

When property listings are syndicated to the major real estate portals, the portals often give credit (a citation) to the person or organization that supplied the listing. You’ve probably seen listing search results pages that look like this:

citation example original


In this example, realtytrac and are cited as the sources of the listing information. If you’re a real estate agent who’s supplying listings it’s a good idea to try to be cited as the source (instead of your brand) and have the citations link to a page you control. Why?

A great reputation is critical to help you build your business. Real estate, like all other professional services industries are going through rapid change. Consumers have already begun moving away from making choices based on a brand’s reputation to vetting and researching the individual reputations of sales associates. Research is a cinch with Facebook, directories, and agent review sites just a click away.

So while consumers are poring over a real estate portal looking at listings, every mention of your name and site leaves a lasting impression. And every impression helps build your local reputation.

In this example you’ll see the marketing names for different offices and agents being cited as the source of listings: Century 21 Scott Myers Realtors, Joe Pieretti and Franib (these are the common names they use in their offline marketing):
vast citation rf original

As people see more and more listings cited in Century 21 Scott Myers Realtors’ name, their local name recognition and reputation increases. And if the consumer happens to click through they enter into the world of Century 21 Scott Myers Realtors in San Antonio — there’s no chance for them to get lost on an irrelevant, huge, and complicated website.

If you have property listings and want them syndicated to the major real estate portals, make sure you’re cited as the source. Your reputation and business depends on it.

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