4 NAR® Member Benefits You Should Be Using

November 20 2013

business womanMembership in the National Association of REALTORS® offers myriad benefits on a variety of levels. The educational opportunities, technical support, and industry advancement that they provide are topics for a different article. What we're here to talk about today is their REALTOR® Benefits Program and some of the technology products available through the program.

REALTOR® Benefits Program

The REALTOR® Benefits Program brings members of NAR® discounts and special offers on real estate products and services. The value of the Program isn't just the financial savings; it also ensures that the products offered are carefully selected to meet the needs of real estate professionals like you. It's about receiving a quality product for a quality price.

Technology Partners

There are a variety of technology vendors that have partnered with NAR® to offer free or discounted products and services. These include educational tools, mobile technology, financial services, marketing resources, office supplies, personal insurance, technology services, transaction management, travel, and automotive.

We're most interested in the technology (of course). Here are four examples of industry-leading technology that is available through the REALTOR® Benefits Program.

1) DocuSign

The exclusive electronic signature solution through the REALTOR® Benefits Program, and one of the leading electronic signature solutions for the real estate industry, is DocuSign. With DocuSign, you and your clients can sign documents anytime, anywhere.

DocuSign has created the DocuSign for REALTORS® edition of their electronic signature solution. In addition to considerable financial savings, DocuSign for REALTORS® includes:

  • A REALTOR® branded DocuSign console and branding on communications that allows agents to promote their membership status.
  • Negotiation and Markup, allowing you to negotiate your deal in one DocuSign envelope.
  • In-person signing, so your clients can sign on the spot.
  • Watermark, so that a draft cannot be saved or printed and treated as a final document.
  • Agent roles, allowing you to work with agents who do not have a DocuSign subscription.

You can learn more at www.DocuSign.com/NARwww.DocuSign.com/NAR.

2) SentriLock

SentriLock lockbox technology is about more than just keeping your listings secure. It's also an opportunity to provide outstanding customer service. Their REALTOR® Lockbox is exclusive to NAR® members and includes an extra large key compartment, illuminated keypad, and homeowner-activated "Do Not Disturb" feature. The REALTOR® Lockbox also integrates with the Sentricard, which can help agents to track open house attendance, automatically solicit feedback for open houses, and collect a list of open house attendees.

3) Ifbyphone

Ifbyphone® Inquire was created specifically to meet the needs of REALTORS®. It benefits individual agents or teams by allowing you to:

  • Determine which ads are most effective
  • Use unique phone numbers to track the source of every call
  • Capture and track every lead
  • Never miss a phone call
  • Respond instantly to email leads
  • Know who is calling and why

4) zipForm®

ZipLogix is the official forms provider for NAR®. With zipForm®, you can spend less time managing the paperwork and more time closing deals. The increased efficiency doesn't come at the cost of increased risk. ZipForm® is safe and secure, so you and your clients can feel confident. Through the REALTOR® benefits program, they offer a special discount on their zipForm® Plus or zipForm® 6 Standard.

Do You Enjoy NAR® Member Benefits?

Are you taking advantage of these or any of the other member benefits of NAR®? Share your feedback in the comments section, below.