Your 2013 Holiday Blogging Plan

November 19 2013

holidaysWith the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's easy to let your blogging habits fall by the wayside. The festive season presents a wealth of easy post ideas, however, so make sure you're not neglecting your blog! We've rounded up a few topics that will help you connect to consumers by providing useful information.

Thanksgiving Post Ideas

Thanksgiving opens your blog to a wealth of topics. Start by scouring Pinterest or other online resources for recipes or serving presentation ideas. For consumers who prefer to avoid making a labor-intensive holiday meal, create another post that lists which restaurants will be open Thanksgiving day.

Don't forget to play up the "giving back" aspect of the holiday. You can write posts about local charities, food drives, and volunteer opportunities in your community all the way through Christmas!

Holiday Shopping in Your Area

The period from Black Friday to Christmas is the biggest shopping season of the year. Kick things off by curating a list of Black Friday deals in your area. If you can, list specific deals and discounts, the store name and address, and when doors open. Bonus points for using maps.

You can update and repeat this post throughout the holiday season, highlighting deals and sales from local businesses with each new version.

Appeal to Holiday Buyers and Sellers

Conventional wisdom says that winter makes it more difficult to sell a home. However, there are plenty of reasons why listing a home during the holidays is a good idea. By assuaging the fears of your clients in a blog post, you may just persuade them to put their house on the market this holiday season. Let potential sellers know that buyers are extra motivated to purchase by the end of the year, and that there's less competition than in spring.

For those with listings already on the market, offer sellers advice on staging their home during the holiday. Advise them to make sure their holiday decorations don't clash with their home's interior or overpower its best selling points. Don't forget to mention that seasonal decor is an effective way to emotionally connect with buyers.

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa (and Festivus!)

The December holidays provide a wealth of topic ideas that can inspire multiple blog posts. You can cover seasonal events like tree lightings and parades, or direct readers to the best neighborhoods to see holiday light displays. Recipes, decorations, gift ideas, and homemade crafts are always a favorite, too (find ideas on Pinterest). Whatever you do, don't try to cram all that seasonal information into a single post! Start dripping out the holiday articles early and continue to post them throughout December.

Connect with Parents of Children on Winter Break

Clients with kids will love you for this post. Offer ideas to help them keep their kids busy over holiday break. Preventing boredom and restlessness in their youngsters will help parents avoid additional holiday stress. It gives you a chance to let your local expertise shine, too. Direct parents to museums, shows, events, or activity centers that will help ward off cabin fever.

Looking Toward the New Year

There are several posts you can write as 2014 approaches. Offer year end tax tips, like

highlighting the tax benefits available to those closing by the end of the year. Encourage those with rentals to identify needed property repairs, and review their depreciation and losses for the year.

The end of a year is always a great time to look back. Toot your own horn a bit, and share your successes of 2013 with readers (and potential clients!). What's the most impressive property you sold? Did you sell more homes in this year than in any others? Let people know! Consumers want to know that you can produce results.

If a little bragging is not your cup of tea, write an overview of your local market in 2013. How have property prices fared? What new businesses moved in? Which ones closed?

Finally, suggest New Year's resolutions for homeowners. Show your clients how they can put their best foot forward in 2014. List positive habits like making mortgage payments on time or making extra payments to shorten the life of their loan. It's a great idea for consumers to determine what improvements and repairs are needed, too, and lay out a plan and timetable for getting them done in the new year.

There you have it--multiple post ideas to keep your blog humming along this holiday season. Do you have any topic suggestions of your own? Share them in the comments section below!