Digital REALTORS® and the Vine App

March 19 2013

Guest contributor Delta Media Group says:

vine app iconPart of being a Digital REALTOR® is staying on top of the latest technologies, and knowing if and when to implement them.

A new one might be right up your alley. If you're not familiar with the Vine app, now's your chance. Vine allows you to create six-second videos that are easily shared within its interface. It's a newly-launched app owned by Twitter, and a great way to quickly show listings.

Facebook typically hasn't been a great format for directly marketing listings because it's more personal. People use Facebook to connect with you and, well, network. It's a great way to communicate with people you've met and to keep your name in front of them. But Facebook has often been misused by agents looking to sell, sell, sell.

People on Facebook don't want to be sold, sold, sold to any more than the person you just met at the PTA meeting wants to hear about every listing you have the moment you meet her. She might eventually use you as her agent, but not if you immediately turn her off.

That's where Vine is different. A real estate purchase is, at its core, often based in emotion. If a would-be buyer doesn't feel a connection with a house, he likely wouldn't be buying it.

Vine gives you six seconds to build a connection to a house. In most cases, that's plenty of time. It works by allowing you to upload a six-second video, or numerous videos totaling six seconds in length, or several pictures that total a six second interval. The interval continues to repeat so long as the viewer views it, like an animated gif would.

Want to use the Vine video to point visitors to a longer video? Shoot one, upload it to YouTube, link it to your listing detail page, and link the Vine video to it. Then tweet the video, which is more enticing and offers a better immediate connection than just tweeting a listing detail page might.

The key to selling a listing is getting it in front of interested viewers who might then request more information (thus submitting a lead) or share it with others who might. Vine succeeds at that as well as any social network.

Worried there might not be enough users on Vine? It can be connected to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, which can be connected to your real estate website.

Now you've connected your social entities with your online properties, and offered potential clients several ways to potentially find and connect with you. Each of those becomes leads, and each can live in your lead management system so you can utilize follow-up actions to turn leads into transactions and referrals.

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