Why Google+ Will Help Your Real Estate Business

January 09 2013

Lwolf google plusI know you have heard about why you should be on Facebook, the benefits of gaining a large following on Twitter, and the growing adoption of Pinterest. Here is why getting active on Google+ will help your business moving forward.

It doesn't have the best social elements, and it doesn't have the popularity of other social platforms, but it is slowly becoming a hub for managing your presence in the eyes of Google.

Piece by piece, Google is rolling out great features that require you to be a part of Google+ to take advantage of them, particularly if you are a person or business that creates and distributes content on a regular basis.

Among these is 'Author RankAuthor Rank', which will make connections between the author of the content and the kind of content that is being created. Authors will then receive a score depending on where their content is appearing, and how it is connected to other individuals and organizations in the social graph, ultimately having a large impact on your search engine ranking (SEO).

Google is a smart business. Beyond the 120+ businesses they have acquired is the pile of information they sit on. From every search that is made to every YouTube view, they have the information necessary to make a big splash in social media. Many are predicting 2013 to be the breakout year for Google+.

Set one up for yourself and your business. Familiarize yourself with its platform. Slowly, you will discover the subtleties and nuances that will turn this middle-of-the-pack social platform into a front-runner.

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