Prospecting with Public Records: 7 Campaigns to Try Today

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We talk a lot about digitally targeting real estate leads—but what about targeting leads the traditional way via postcards and other print marketing pieces?

Believe it or not, there's a digital tool you have access to right now that can help you prospect to your geographic farm: your public records tool.

Why Public Records?

If you've tried advertising on property search portals like, or have used ad retargeting solutions, you know ads are typically only available on the zipcode level. With public records, you can hone in on a much more specific area—a subdivision, street, an area a certain distance from a specific property, and much more.

Refining the area you prospect to means that you can deliver marketing that's much more relevant to your targets—and therefore much more cost effective for you.

Ready to give prospecting with your public records solution a try? Get started with these seven easy campaigns:

Classic Prospecting Ideas

To kick things off, let's begin with three classic prospecting campaigns that focus on your listings. To help us illustrate our examples, we're using screenshots from CRS Data's MLS Tax SuiteMLS Tax Suite, a public records and tax solution that serves 126,000 real estate professionals across the nation.

1. New listing campaign - Each of these first three campaigns taps into homeowner psychology. Call it curiosity, or even nosiness, but homeowners relish knowing what's going on in their neighborhood. Send a postcard or a flyer announcing your latest listing and all its relevant details—price, beds/baths, square footage, school district, and more.

Target your marketing piece to homeowners in the neighborhood. You can do this by subdivision, custom map shape, or by street and street number, as shown below. While your prospects may not be looking to move down the block, your goal here is to build awareness of your brand. That way, when they are ready to sell their home, you're the first one they think of!

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