RE Technology's Top 10 Articles of 2016

December 16 2016


Top10 200pxOver the past two weeks, we've been counting down our top 10 most popular of the year. Have you been following? If not, we've compiled the full list below for easy reference.

We noticed an interesting phenomenon with our list this year--it's bookended by posts that aren't just our most read, but also our most controversial. Numbers 1 and 10 ignited some heated discussion when they were originally published. Months later, do they still incite strong feelings? Decide for yourselves--take a look at both posts on our list below, and check out the rest of our most read articles of the year!

  1. Why Agents Should Never Use Personal Email
  2. 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Real Estate Agents
  3. 5 Things You Didn't Know Your Lockbox Could Do
  4. 22 of the Absolute Best Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas
  5. 5 Basic Tips for Taking Great Photos With Your iPhone
  6. 184 Things You Do for Real Estate Clients (and they don't even know it)
  7. What to Do When Your Buyer Leaves You for Another Agent
  8. 4 Lead Generating Scripts for Listing Agents
  9. How to Educate Buyers to Make Good Offers
  10. I Didn't Hire FOUR Listing Agents!