A New, More Efficient Way to Schedule Showings

January 25 2016

Did you know that agents spend an average of six hours every week scheduling showings?

It's not hard to imagine why that number is so high once you think of all the parties involved in scheduling just one showing, and the typically linear process involved. First the buyer expresses interest to their agent, who then contacts the seller's agent, who then contacts the seller. Once the seller agrees to a showing time, that chain of communication is reversed to confirm with the prospective buyer. And if, god forbid, the proposed time doesn't work, the process starts all over again.


Inefficient, right? Well, today we're looking at a new showing appointment solution that transforms the linear model above to the streamlined, modern version.

Introducing TourSimply

As its name suggests, TourSimply is easy to use for all parties. The solution is designed for showings to be scheduled instantly, which it accomplishes via a shared calendar for each property in its system. Sellers and/or their agents set the times that a listing is available to show in the property's calendar, and block off the times it's unavailable.

To schedule a showing, the buyer's agent simply selects a time that the property is available. It’s as easy as that—the appointment is booked, notifications are sent to all parties, and everyone saves time. If the buyer or their agent needs to cancel the showing, a notification will again be sent to all parties. This Instant Book feature eliminates the game of phone tag or “text tag” between agents and their clients, and agents to each other.

pr toursimply calendar schedule

While scheduling with Instant Book can be that simple, seller's agents may choose to require confirmation before an appointment is scheduled. With confirmations enabled, the buyer’s agent submits their preferred time and a confirmation request is sent to the seller’s agent and/or the seller. They can respond quickly by text or by clicking a link in an email to confirm and book the showing.

Once a showing is complete, TourSimply can be set to automatically request showing feedback from the buyer's agent. Feedback is limited to six questions, which seller's agents can choose from a built-in database of questions. Agents can optionally write one question themselves. If the feedback request isn't answered, TourSimply will send reminders to the buyer's agent at regular intervals.

A Look at the Agent Dashboard

Now that we've seen how easy it is to schedule a showing, let's take a look at how agents manage everything behind the scenes.

The TourSimply dashboard is as simple as it gets. The interface is uncluttered and easy to navigate--you manage your buyers' tours on the left, and your listings on the right.

pr toursimply dashboardIf you need more assistance, you can toggle an on-screen guide that explains how to use any feature.

pr toursimply helpFrom the "buyer's side" of the dashboard, agents schedule and manage showings, and view showing instructions like alarm codes and lockbox information. Because of the sensitive information in the instructions section, it's important to note that only licensed agents can schedule showings through TourSimply.  Although TourSimply allows agents to schedule showings as a guest without an account, this accessibility is still restricted to those with access to the local MLS.

On the "seller's side" of the dashboard, agents can set-up showing calendars for each of their listings. This process is designed to be foolproof even for the most tech-shy of agents. Simply answer the five questions posed by a built-in wizard, and a showing calendar will be generated for you.

Listing agents can also review showing feedback from the dashboard. Remember earlier when we said agents can select feedback questions from a database? TourSimply says that their question bank is optimized to increase response rates and provide accurate responses through clearly worded questions. This effectively standardizes the questions agents can ask, and sets the stage for an intriguing new feature that’s yet to debut.

Exploring the Client Interface

Sellers can also register for a TourSimply account. Their account is restricted to managing the property calendar and can only be created if their agent invites them upon setting up the listing. Here's what the TourSimply interface looks like from their perspective:

pr toursimply calendar seller

Because agents have varying preferences, TourSimply offers several levels of seller access. For example, an agent might prefer their seller not access the property calendar, but still would like them to either confirm showings or receive notifications on scheduled showings or cancellations. Agents can set their preferences for client access levels from the dashboard.

Wrapping Up

Whatever access you choose to grant your sellers, at the end of the day, TourSimply is about putting technology in front of your client that makes you look good. It makes your sellers' lives easier, and even makes them feel more in control by changing their role from reactive ("Yes, my property is available at that time") to proactive ("Here are the times that my property is available").

According to TourSimply, big updates are ahead in the first half of 2016. There's a new "Pro" version in development and an MLS dashboard on the way. We look forward to watching this product blossom in the months ahead. If you are lucky enough to be going to Inman Connect NYC this week, stop by their booth (7th floor, booth #S35) and tell them RE Technology sent you!