Safe, Secure and Stored in One Location.
zipVault® is a cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly document storage tool that gives users the ability to include documents necessary to a transaction and store them in one central and secure location available online, anytime 24/7.

Users can access, manage and securely store files created both inside and outside of zipForm® Plus. This eliminates the need to buy additional filing cabinets and archive boxes, thus, freeing up valuable office space – space that can now be used for productive work areas. In addition, money saved using electronic document storage can be invested in other essential areas of the business. 



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Settlement Room by Emphasys
Settlement Room is a user-friendly transaction management system that has been designed for direct use by brokers, agents and teams without the need for transaction coordinators. Most recently Emphasys has made a number of enhancements to the product to improve the user interface making it one of the most user friendly transaction management products on the market today. Settlement room provides transaction workflow management, communication with all parties in the transaction and the ability to schedule tasks for all participants as needed. Tasks can be scheduled using fixed dates or dates based on other events, such as making one task due so many days after another event. The document manager is included with Settlement Room and is not offered currently as a stand-alone. Easily email documents into your transaction websites. Settlement Room provides: The ability to fax documents into your transaction websites Ability to distribute transaction documents from your website Ability to attach transaction documents to orders and emails by just checking a box Ability to set permissions as to who can view any document Ability to store common documents for use in multiple transactions In terms of communication, Settlement Room does a good job of sharing transaction data with everyone involved in the transaction. Communication features include: Ability of all participants to post and read messages Ability to restrict message access to selected participants Ability to schedule messages to be automatically sent by email Inclusion of special tools to automatically request and manage Showing Feedback Ability to Import and manage contact lists, and synchronize with MS Outlook Ability to automatically invite common participants into each new
Track My File
Track My File is currently marketed directly to real estate companies and they emphasize that what you get with Track My File is more than the product. They stress the importance of learning how to integrate transaction management processes into the business culture and their ability to help companies do this. The Document Management and Transaction Manager Product are combined. They pride themselves on offering a user-friendly system that all agents can use. Track My File is easy to navigate though the interface appears a bit dated. The Track My File team schedules a one-time consultation with new clients to get to know them, the processes they currently have in place and the way they work. Then they create custom software tailored to both the currently office requirements and workflow. This tailored, consultative approach sets Track My File apart from the competition in this regard where most vendors expect the client to adapt to their system.
Want to Keep Your Gen Y Clients Satisfied?
Today’s real estate consumer communicates very differently with their agent than in past times. Unlike boomers who like to get to know their agent and work with them in person, Gen Y’s prefer to do most things electronically. They ask for you to send them an update to a contract via text. They want you to set them up on auto email from your MLS system to look for listings that match their search criteria. Bottomline, they want to just “get it done". They don’t have the time or interest to really get to know and the true skills you provide as an agent. Gone are the days of riding around in the car for weeks looking for just the right home. They’re narrowing their choices online long before they get to you. While this can be easier in some respects, it can also be dangerous. If they don’t really know what an agent does, why would they value the commission they pay for the services? How do you prove your worth without building a strong personal relationship?