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Real estate is a data-driven industry. Many statistics and figures are used in daily conversation to describe shifts in the market. As an agent, you need to be familiar with this data. You need to be able to understand what they mean and interpret any changes. To help you get started, we'll review 27 real estate statistics that are essential to any real estate
Proven Tactics of Real Estate Super Producers
What does it take to be one of the most successful real estate agents in the country? Joe Sesso, the Executive Director of Sales Marketing for Homes.com, delved into the Secrets of Top Selling Agents archives and discovered four common themes that industry titans such as Howard Brinton, Tom Ferry, Alexis Bolin, Michael Maher and 11 others have used to build amazing real estate businesses. He outlined these themes and shared some of their tips in a recent webinar, which you can view here, or purchase the book for more profitable business
5 Shocking Yet True Real Estate Statistics
An article published by The Close highlights 57 real estate statistics that help real estate agents and those in the industry understand their market better. Understanding and leveraging these statistics to your benefit is the goal of this blog post. We have highlighted five of the statistics in the article that we feel is the most crucial to your real estate career. To learn more, please continue