This Overlooked eSignature Feature Can Enhance Your Customer Service

February 25 2015

esignature tablet womanYou know that email you receive from your eSignature solution when a client has viewed or opened the document you sent them? That seemingly innocuous message actually represents an opportunity to provide superior customer service to your client. Here's how.

One of the concerns that people have about electronic signatures is that the agent doesn't really have opportunity to review a document with a client. Since most eSignatures are completed remotely, the agent isn't there to guide the client through the mountain of often confusing documents and disclosures.

That's where the aforementioned email comes in. DocuSign will immediately send you an email once your recipient opens a document (if you don't use DocuSign, check with your eSignature solution to see if they offer this feature). This is an opportunity to call or text your client to say, "Hey, I'm in the office. If you need help or have any questions about the document I sent over, let me know."

You can let your client think your call was well-timed serendipity, or you can mention that DocuSign notified you. That's your choice. If your client is a little tech shy or concerned about privacy, the former may be the better option.

Don't Forget Reminders

On a related note, DocuSign will let you send reminders to your client is they haven't signed in x number of days (again, check with your eSignature provider to see if this is offered). You can set the timing of the reminders to be as frequent as you'd like. Agents can also set up reminders that will warn clients that documents will expire (see the image below for settings).

docusign overlooked reminder expiration

The beauty of using the reminders feature is that there's no need to bug people to death to get your document signed. Instead, it's your eSignature solution that's doing the prodding, saving you time and potential irritation from your client.

What other tricks and features do you use to provide your clients with better customer service? Let us know in the comments below.