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RE Technology Inc. Company Information


Offer RE Technology to Your Customers for Free

MRIS Sample

RE Technology has a firm commitment to the belief that real estate agents and brokers should have easy access to technology information from local service providers.

It is from this premise that we offer RE Technology as a solution that may be deployed free of charge through partner MLS systems or Association websites. 
These local sites may display RE Technology to their subscribers and members free of charge. Subscribers and members of partner MLSs and Associations will be able to extend Premium Agent and Broker memberships to their customers for free so long as access is granted through the MLS or Association website.
Integration of RE Technology into your MLS or Association website is as simple as creating a webpage and embedding two lines of code that call our gadget. We have multiple gadgets to choose from to meet your business needs.

RE Technology has developed a variety of solutions to meet the specific needs of different MLS organizations who wish to offer some type of eCommerce solution to benefit their members. Success Gallery™ is a showcase that allows MLSs to provide a store-like environment where agents and brokers may browse vendor products.  Many MLSs do not want to be encumbered with the responsibilities of collecting money for vendor products as a reseller, and managing fulfillment. With Success Gallery™, the MLS can offer a robust environment where agents and brokers can research products before contacting the vendor for a product demonstration or for purchase. Success Gallery™ also supports the MLS in communicating the full inventory of services offered through MLS or Association subscription dues. 

For more information on Success Gallery™ click here!

The video below is a live recording of a webinar geared to MLSs looking for more information about offering eCommerce solutions to their members. This is a good starting point for those looking to generate non-dues for their MLS or Association.