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The Home Zone

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5 out of 5 by 4 User(s)

Product Description


The Home Zone is an all-in-one system that covers all your bases and aims to make online marketing simple and effective. This comprehensive tool includes the following features:

Virtual Tours

Full featured, full screen, HTML5 high definition tours with photos, audio and much more are instantly generated. Text-to-speech narration is instantly created just by typing what you want to say, or record your own voice online. Tours can be linked, emailed or downloaded. Flyers can also be printed directly from the tour. Unbranded versions are available for MLS® and IDX compliance. Automatically created QR codes can be displayed on the tour. Mapping and aerial views are included. Send the listing information to any cell phone through SMS text messaging, or get directions with the click of a button. Lead capture can be enabled allowing agents instant access to leads via email and text messaging. Extensive tracking and statistics provide up to date information. A variety of tour styles are available. Click here to preview our HD Virtual Tour

Listing Websites

Unique property websites offer an excellent way to promote listings on the web, through email, on mobile devices and anywhere else the property URL is displayed. Every property entered immediately receives a unique property website with its own unique domain name. The unique website address is also submitted to available national feed sources and can easily be displayed on Craigslist, Facebook, and other outlets for additional listing exposure. The listing websites automatically format to display properly across all mobile devices and platforms. Cell phones and other capable mobile devices also receive a property video complete with audio narration along with all photos, listing data and agent contact information. QR codes are also available on the listing website. Click here to preview our Listing Website

Two Way Texting

The Home Zone system includes a robust two way texting system that delivers in-depth listing data, photos and property videos to potential buyers. Agents receive instant lead notification of the buyer’s cell phone number via text messaging and email. Leads are also tracked and available for agent viewing online. QR codes are instantly created and available for display on rider signs, flyers and other products. Two-way texting rider signs can be ordered directly from inside the website for a nominal fee. Property texting numbers and QR codes can be moved from one listing to another, eliminating the need to order a new texting rider sign for each listing. Text H73722 to 51004 for an example of the two-way texting system.

Property Videos

Video listing content is becoming much more popular on the internet and on mobile devices. Many agents and offices spend countless time and money creating listing videos. With The Home Zone, audio-visual content is automatically created in a variety of video file formats. This makes it easy to populate video sharing websites such as YouTube®. The Home Zone listing videos are also delivered to mobile devices through the two way texting and listing website products. Place the listing videos on your own cell phone, or spice up listing presentations in just minutes. Our powerful text to speech engines automatically attach voiceover to the property videos and all other applicable products, or record your own audio for all products right over the internet.

Lead Generation

You never know where that next lead might come from. The Home Zone system deploys a vast array of lead generation tools. Along with two-way texting and mobile call capture, lead generation can be assigned to the virtual tours and listing websites. This enables leads to be gathered from rider signs, print advertising, Craigslist, national syndication websites and a variety of other local and national outlets. The Home Zone does a lot of the lead generation work for you automatically, but it also delivers the tools to make lead generation easy for you to deploy in any listing campaign scenario. Sign up for one of our free webinars. We'll go over the entire Home Zone System and offer some great tips that will help you utilize all of these powerful lead generation tools to their full potential

National Listing Exposure

Even though most buyers are local, they ultimately utilize the internet to search for real estate. Therefore national exposure is extremely important. National listing websites receive tens of millions of unique visitors per month. The Home Zone System automatically submits listings to the top national real estate related websites. The property website address is also submitted to feed sources that accept it, delivering enhanced exposure and in-depth listing representation. Syndication websites include Trulia®, Zillow®, Hotpads®, Oodle®, Vast®, YouTube® and several others. Tools and quick widgets are also included allowing fast and easy posting to websites such as Craigslist®, ActiveRain® and other social networking websites.

Mobile Compatibility

The mobile revolution is rapidly changing the way real estate listings are located and viewed. The Home Zone System is at the forefront of this technology and is compatible with all mobile phone and tablet devices. The system instantly detects the type of device acquiring listing information and formats the best possible listing presentation for that particular device. The Home Zone instantly generates a QR code for each listing that leads to a mobile compatible listing website. Mobile mapping and location data is fully implemented. Lead generation is supported via text messaging and email delivery, so you’ll never miss a lead. Listings can even be entered into the system from mobile devices such as an ipad or other tablet. Two way texting or call capture lead generation is also included.

Instant Print Materials

Tired of printing all those MLS flyers with a small thumbnail photograph of the home? The Home Zone System automatically generates colorful professional flyers, postcards and other pieces ready for printing or electronic delivery in a variety of styles. Professional quality two page flyers display large listing photos, property data, office logo, agent's photo and contact information. The listing website QR code can also be displayed on the flyer with the click of a button. Print pieces can be saved, printed, emailed, texted, and automatically displayed on the virtual tour, listing website and other products. Because of the myriad of products created by the Home Zone System, cross-promotional print, electronic marketing and lead generation is only a few clicks away.

YouTube Video Submittal

Placing listing video content on the web is a great way to increase online exposure. However, creating video content and uploading it can become a full time job. The Home Zone makes online video presence effortless. A property video, complete with audio narration and music is created instantly, using the photos and listing data you submitted. The video can quickly be downloaded, or The Home Zone system can even upload the video to your free YouTube® account on your behalf. Submitting listing video content to YouTube® also helps increase exposure and ranking on search engines such as Google® and Bing®. This is just one of many powerful ways the Home Zone system utilizes property videos.

QR and MS Tag Support

Quick Response "QR" codes are popping up everywhere, and real estate marketing is no exception. The Home Zone System automatically creates a QR code for each listing that leads to a mobile compatible listing website. The codes can be instantly displayed on flyers, virtual tours, listing websites and other products within the system. QR codes can be placed on listing website and texting rider signs to allow quick scanning for property information. With the Home Zone, agents can also quickly create QR codes and Microsoft Tags for a variety of uses. Create a QR code with your contact information, or a code that leads to your listing inventory. The Home Zone System even tracks the number of times each QR code has been scanned and whether it was scanned from print, signs, email or on the web.

Statistics and Sellers Reports

Besides the extensive cross-product lead generation features, the Home Zone delivers a variety of statistics and analytical data that will let you and your sellers know the system is working. Relevant tracking data is available by single listing or for your entire listing inventory. View how many times each of the listing websites or virtual tours was accessed by day, week, month or year. Track how many text messages have been sent, how many calls have been received, how many QR codes have been scanned and much more. In many cases, the Home Zone system even tracks which website potential buyers were on when they accessed a particular product. Automated sellers reports can easily be scheduled and emailed, letting the seller know their listing is being heavily promoted.

Interactive Magazines

Looking for a new and hi-tech way to display your listing inventory? With The Home Zone, it's easy to create online interactive magazines containing any of your active listings. Easily embed or attach an interactive online magazine to your agent or company website or email them to potential buyers. Online magazines can be created in minutes, and contain narrated property tours, featured agent spotlights and many other interactive features. Clients will think you spent hours and hundreds of dollars on this application alone. You're the only one that has to know it was created in minutes with The Home Zone Real Estate Marketing System. Select the product example below to experience this unique way of promoting your listings. Click here to preview an Online Magazine

Mapping and Aerial Views

As mobile location technology evolves, mapping is becoming increasingly important. The Home Zone System utilizes international mapping databases to pinpoint property locations. Maps and aerial views of listings are available within the virtual tour, listing website, two way texting system and other products. Easily move the property pushpin if the international mapping databases have misplaced your listing. Even create a dynamic map of all your listings to display on your own website. All the great Home Zone products will automatically display on you listing inventory map, along with search criteria and other dynamic features. Inventory maps can be created literally in a few seconds.


Imagine creating your own online TV show, featuring of all your active listings with a few clicks! Webcasts are automatically updated when listing changes are made inside of the Home Zone, so you only need to create one in order to promote all your listings. Include various channels for different price ranges, areas, subdivisions, agent biographies and more. Use our instantly generated property videos or upload your own videos of property walkthroughs. Our state-of-the-art web-based viewer makes it simple to create, attach, link and email your webcasts. Even record a video listing presentation on your cell phone, digital camera or camcorder, edit it online and include it in your webcast. Webcasting is just another powerful feature included with The Home Zone System. Click here to preview the Webcast

User Product Rating

5 out of 5 by 4 User(s)