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Video Traffic from QR Codes In Real Estate Marketing: 02/14/2012

Video Traffic from QR Codes In Real Estate Marketing

By Anita Koppens on the Dynamic Page Solutions Blog

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Anita Koppens Go to Profile Anita Koppens
Published: 02/14/2012
Posted by: RET Staff

qrcodeI just attended a really outstanding real estate technology seminar this week where I was lucky enough to learn some new trends and tips from industry leaders, Max Pigman and Steve Pacinelli. Both speakers gave great presentations on different material but one of the most interesting and relatively underutilized ideas was QR codes. Yep, I thought QR codes for real estate had run the course too but when combined with video the QR code is a quick and very direct way to get in front of your audience, which is the homebuyer and seller.

The example that was discussed was simple, yet ingenious. Instead of driving the person who scans the QR code from their mobile phone to a static website, the person was driven directly to a video which is one of the most popular methods of receiving information on the Internet today, (YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google). A personal video about you and your services is a great way to market yourself but think about the audience that is most likely to access this video from a mobile phone using a QR scanner. It’s going to be a younger generation and they are not interested in your designations, or if your suit costs thousands of dollars, they are interested in how tech savvy you, your real estate web visibility and how efficiently you can get their home sold or get them into the home they want.


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Video Traffic from QR Codes In Real Estate Marketing

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