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Top 5 Reasons Brokers Choose Digital Transaction Management: 04/02/2015

Top 5 Reasons Brokers Choose Digital Transaction Management

The full recording from our recent webinar.

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Kelly Phelan Go to Profile Kelly Phelan
Published: 04/02/2015
Posted by: RET Staff

document_mgrWhy are brokers increasingly adopting digital solutions to handle their transactions? To find out, we spoke with broker Aaron Wheeler, President and Managing Director of The Oakville Group in San Francisco, during a live webinar on Wednesday.

"Transaction management is like a form of insurance," said Wheeler. "Most people don't think about transaction management like they don't think about insurance until something goes wrong." So what happens if your brokerage is sued because one of your agents allegedly fails to materially disclose something relevant to a transaction? "That's the day that transaction management becomes especially important and you need to know where those documents are and, very quickly, to show you were in the right. When you need that level of insurance, you need good insurance and DocuSign and DTR is some of the strongest that you can have."

During the webinar, we explored the five key ways that digital transaction management provides that "insurance."

  1. Visibility - Get insight into brokerage performance; See how agents stack up; View activity for any transaction
  2. Compliance - Be able to manage workflow and set required tasks; Create an approval process; Rreference activity logs
  3. Control - Stay organized by setting a hierarchy of regions/offices; Assign roles and permissions to employees to create security levels; Archive and view closed transactions when needed
  4. Mobility/Flexibility - Access documents and transactions anytime and anywhere; Send documents for signatures from any device; Stay on top of your business by following activities in real time
  5. Security - View activity logs when being audited; All data is secure in the cloud; Use various document security layers to protect data integrity

To listen to the full webinar, click through to the next page to access the recording. There, readers can also learn how to claim limited time discounts on DocuSign plans.


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Top 5 Reasons Brokers Choose Digital Transaction Management

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