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The Science of Timing: Emailing: 04/20/2011

The Science of Timing: Emailing

The Best Times of Day and Week to Target Clients Via Email

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RET Staff Go to Profile RET Staff
Published: 04/20/2011
Posted by: RE Technology
astro-clock-200pxHow many times a day or week should you email your subscriber base or clients to get the maximum opens without getting "unsubscribe" responses?

Do you know what time of day is best for emailing?

Does it matter?

The answer is simple: emailing is not a haphazard activity. It has evolved into a science.

If you are interested in keeping a client and subscriber base informed and engaged with you and your business, it is well worth your time to invest in learning some of the research behind the science of email timing.

HubSpot social media scientist Dan Zarrella discussed his research on timing.

He has conducted research on the Internet for the last 2-3 years. Of all the subjects he researches, the science of timing is the number one piece of data consumers want to know. He researches and identifies best practices.

This webinar presents all the data to date that Zarrella has studied. It covers three marketing mediums businesses use for inbound marketing: social media, email and blogging.

This article focuses on emailing specifically.


Comments on: The Science of Timing: Emailing
by Suzanne Swyers 2011-04-20 17:57:51
this Article is very helpful. As a Real Estate Professional it helps to know what and when potential clients may read my email messages.

Thank you.


by Albert Clark 2011-04-20 18:09:53
Our HomeActions Servers send out about 4 million emails per month and I can back up the Time of day delivery data- People open their email before making their pot of coffee- 12% are now opening on Smartphones... One bit of data- email aimed at Realtors gets better open rates on Saturday and Sunday Am than at any other time.

Al Clark, HomeActions Client Relationship Tools

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The Science of Timing: Emailing

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