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A "Monday Morning Mobile" Article by Seth Kaplan

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Seth Kaplan Go to Profile Seth Kaplan
Published: 10/24/2011
Posted by: Mobile Real Estate ID

Contributor Seth Kaplan of Mobile Real Estate ID says:

On a recent visit to Chicago, my first time there, I was anxious to get a lay of the land.  I had heard a lot about the city and it’s similarities to New York; so as a prideful New Yorker, I was eager to disprove those theories.  However, before I had the chance to disprove, I noticed that the term “getting the lay of the land” had changed.

When I walked out the door of the airport and got on the Taxi line I already knew where I was going, what route I was taking and how long it would take.  I just plugged in the address to my hotel into the maps app on my iPhone.  Once I got in the cab and confirmed that he was on course based on the pre plotted route of my phone, I then began searching what was around my hotel on the map.  Once I came across an area which looked of interest such as Lake Shore Park, I Googled it to get pictures and more information.

After getting settled into the hotel and catching up on the e-mails I missed while on the plane I embarked on checking out some of the places I found on the map while in the cab.  When I checked-in at Lake Shore Park I perused the tips left by other visitors to see what part of the park (which is right on Lake Michigan and gorgeous) I should go to.  As the day went on I got hungry so of course, Chicago Pizza was the obvious choice.  How do you think I found the Pizza Place that would handle my hunger on this afternoon?


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