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Keller Williams Family Reunion a Huge Success: 02/19/2012

Keller Williams Family Reunion a Huge Success

An article on the WAV Group blog.

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Published: 02/19/2012
Posted by: RET Staff

Give credit where credit is due. Keller Williams may not be the largest franchise organization in the US or the World – but they are working hard to get there, and are awfully close. They recruit like crazy.

Keller Williams is a franchise organization whose core focus is on the agent. They consider themselves mentors, trainers, and solution providers to support the agent in reaching their potential. Moreover, they profit share. If the company makes money, the agent wins. Last year, they made a profit of $38M across all 75,000 agents. The profit share works out to be about $506 per agent, or $42 per month. It is interesting to note that the $42 per month is almost equal to their technology fee.

There is no doubt that Keller Williams is a leader. They offer many of the same franchise benefits as others – but focus on providing something that is remarkably different. They have a start-up mentality. They have been masterful at recruiting groups of productive agents and binding them together to form a Keller Williams franchises – a bit like franchise giant, RE/MAX. It is a great expansion strategy that avoids trying to reshape a legacy brokerage. When you build something new from the ground up, you shape it the way you need it. The result is that 83% of KW offices were profitable – which is a damn good number.  

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Keller Williams Family Reunion a Huge Success

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