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How to Write Copy That Turns Heads: 03/21/2012

How to Write Copy That Turns Heads

By Suresh Srinivasan of ReachFactor

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Published: 03/21/2012
Posted by: ReachFactor

You’ve got to hand it to the written word: In spite of ongoing advancements in visual communications, photography, film, computer graphics and video, the ability to write well is still valued. In fact, it’s writing that often puts into motion the concepts that create great visuals, and there’s no better example than your home listing descriptions, social media updates, online profiles and brochures. Look at the great examples and you’ll see that paper quality and photography and fonts are nothing without copy to match.

So, how do you inject some life into yours? Our content partner AGBeat recently ran an article that served as a quasi-case study profiling an online office supplier’s ( jazzy copy compared to competitors like Staples, making seemingly boring subject matter “pop out” a little.

Here’s an example:

Sticky notes:

“Ideal for temporarily marking pages in books and reference materials.” –

“Adhesive backing makes notes defy gravity, as if by magic.” –


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How to Write Copy That Turns Heads

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