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Google Plus Can Benefit REALTORS® if Used Correctly: 01/09/2012

Google Plus Can Benefit REALTORS® if Used Correctly

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Published: 01/09/2012
Posted by: RET Staff
GooglePLUSGoogle+ was just launched last Spring 2011 and it already is expanding! It is causing newbies to be interested and old school facebookers to add yet another social media account. But what does this all mean for a real estate agent or another professional using it to grow their business? First, make sure you are jumping on the social media bandwagon for the right reasons. Assuming your objective is to broaden your fan base and to potentially increase your leads, you need to evaluate whether or not your particular audience may be using this platform.

Google + gives you the tools to keep the people in your circles organized and it should be a safe assumption you will find your audience on this new platform. Keep in mind this is a new social media, so do NOT treat this like Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook. Even though Facebook has recently added similar privacy settings to Google+ it is not their core focus. The “circles” in Google+ however is their main focus – giving you the choice of who, when and what you want to share your posts, pictures links and more.  This is the primary advantage a user can have with Google+ versus the others.


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Google Plus Can Benefit REALTORS® if Used Correctly

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