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5 Things to Do Before You Become a REALTOR®: 02/12/2012

5 Things to Do Before You Become a REALTOR®

An article from the Showing Suite blog.

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Published: 02/12/2012
Posted by: RE Technology

realtor So You Want to Be a Realtor? 5 Things to Do Before You Become a Realtor

Guest contributor Michelle Costa of Showing Suite says:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a REALTOR®? Being a REALTOR® can be one of the most rewarding professions that does not require a college degree, but by no means does that mean it’s easy. Working as a REALTOR® requires self motivation and a lot of unpredictable hours, and it still does not guarantee a paycheck. Before you decide to become a REALTOR® or a real estate agent, or if you’re still in the process of obtaining your license, there are a few key things to know to keep you ahead of the competition and help you succeed.

Get a Mentor. Learn from someone who has been doing real estate for years. Take an experienced, successful REALTOR® out for drinks and pick their brain. Try attending local real estate seminars to listen to speakers and network with other real estate agents.

Educate Yourself. Knowledge is free, so go the extra step! Get to know your market and do research on the current housing bubble and home sales prices. But don’t think your knowledge will end at only real estate. Being a REALTOR® means you will also have to be a salesperson and a marketer. It would help to read books or learn about sales strategies and marketing techniques.


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5 Things to Do Before You Become a REALTOR®

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