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5 Good Reasons to Use QR Codes: 03/01/2011

5 Good Reasons to Use QR Codes

Why Use Mobile Technology's Latest Trend?

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Seth Kaplan Go to Profile Seth Kaplan
Published: 03/01/2011
Posted by: Mobile Real Estate ID

qrcodeAin’t no stopping them now – QR Codes are on the move!  The buzz about these mythical images has grown to the point that they are on everyone’s mind; especially as this year’s marketing plans begin to go into action.  Inevitably, they have fallen under the mobile category, as it’s your mobile device which is used to scan them, and as we all know mobile is a big part of everyone’s marketing plan this year.  

So with all the various renditions of how and where to? And should I or should I not?  I thought it may be helpful to offer 5 good reasons to use QR Codes.


Comments on: 5 Good Reasons to Use QR Codes
by Charles Warnock 2011-03-01 11:05:28
Seth, great points. It will be interesting to compare the value of prospects who begin engaging through the QR code with prospects who reach you through other entry points. I would imagine you could send them down a more tech-savvy engagement process. Keep us posted...

by Seth Kaplan 2011-03-01 11:33:55
Charles - glad you enjoyed the article. I would be happy to keep you posted on any "tech savvy" success stories we hear about. Feel free to send me your contact info: [email protected]

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5 Good Reasons to Use QR Codes

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