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3 Features EVERY Real Estate Pro Needs on Their Website – Part One: 02/15/2012

3 Features EVERY Real Estate Pro Needs on Their Website – Part One

An article by Christopher Leo of Leading Agent

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Published: 02/15/2012
Posted by: RET Staff
Do you have a website for your real estate practice? You most certainly do, right? But do you REALLY have a website?

What do I mean by this? Simple. What I mean is: is your website an interactive destination that gives clients and perspective clients a reason to come back again and again? Does your site have lots of useful content that search engines will index? OR, is your site nothing more than an "online brochure" that includes MLS Search?

When we have a new, perspective client drop into our office, or schedule a webinar for a consultation, we're finding that, more often than not, REALTORS® simply have a glorified "online brochure" and NOT a proper Real Estate website.

"What could be wrong with simply giving the general public information about yourself, and an easy to use MLS search," you ask? Technically nothing. But, the truth is that a website such as that offers nothing unique that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and certainly gives nothing to a prospect that they can't easily find on one of hundreds of websites (including your local MLS consumer-facing portal).

If you have one of these websites, fear not! We have a few tips for how you can turn your "online brochure" around and make it the destination of choice for homeowners that are interested in buying or selling property in your marketplace.

1) Interactivity Is the Name of the Game

We've been designing real estate websites for quite some time. One thing that we consistently see in a perspective client's existing web solution is a surprising lack of interactivity. What do I mean by this? The agent may have a contact page that details their phone number and email address, but that's about it. There are no lead capture forms anywhere to be found on the site, no compelling calls-to-action to collect a perspective client's information, and no tools that allow website visitors to easily share content on the site with their friends that might be interested in an agent's services.

So basically the agent has no way to track who has been to their website, and has no hope of generating any leads from their website. This is tantamount to meeting a prospect when you are out in the field, and then handing them a business card that doesn't have any of your contact information. You would never do that, right? Then why would you have a website that doesn't allow people to interact with you?


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3 Features EVERY Real Estate Pro Needs on Their Website – Part One

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