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RIM Acquires Tungle

The Team at Tungle Will Now Be Supporting the New BlackBerry

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Author: Erin Lariviere of
Submitted: 04/27/2011
Submitted by: RET Staff

You didn't think you would be reading this this morning, did you? Yup. It's official. The team at Tungle will now be sporting new BlackBerry.

Tungle has been acquired by Research In Motion (RIM).

We're really excited about this. We know there isn't an industry more exciting than the smartphone and tablet markets. And RIM is a dominant player in this space.

And they're Canadian, eh?

This is exciting for you, too, as we expect the Tungle service to only get better. Our plan today is what it has always been – for Tungle to become integrated with your daily activities and be ubiquitous within the applications you're already using. When you think scheduling, Tungle should be at your fingertips.

As of today, the entire team is joining the ranks of RIM. It's playoff season and the Tungle team is focusing on putting the puck in the net for you, our customers.

You have kept us on our toes, given us great ideas and, most importantly, have been great supporters. For that, we thank you.

Our objective is to keep innovation at the forefront – to be rebels in our own way. Think, Create, Innovate.

Media Contact: Marc Gingras
CEO and Founder of Tungle

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RIM Acquires Tungle

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