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Industry Upstart WebsiteBox Offers No-Strings Do-it-All Websites to Real Estate Agents, Teams and Brokers for $99 -- Lowest Price on the Market

With WebsiteBox, real-estate pros pay once, get sites with all ‘the works’ forever

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Author: RET Staff
Submitted: 01/15/2013
Submitted by: RE Technology

(New York) -- Inman Next Conference Start-up Alley – Jan. 16, 2013 – For a single payment of $99, real estate professionals in the U.S. and Canada can now purchase a sharp, attractive, mobile-friendly website, with ready-to-publish content, full MLS Integration with their local MLS associations (IDX), lead capture and customer-relationship management (CRM), an all-in-one control panel, an email address, and perpetual 24/7 website hosting. The new service is from WebsiteBox, an Internet start-up in Toronto.

WebsiteBox offers three $99 real-estate website packages for agents, teams, and brokers. In each version, users can configure a mobile-friendly real-estate website, or choose content to address their real-estate specialties, such as making single property sites, neighborhood sites, commercial real estate sites, rental sites, condo sites, and property-management sites.

The new product and price point from WebsiteBox has the potential to "upset the apple cart," and signals the commoditization of real estate website technology, according to Kurt D. Lynn, the company's chief executive.

"In every other industry," Lynn says, "Website technology sells for a fraction of the price that the real estate agent or broker has been asked to pay. We thought it was about time someone offered an appropriate price for good-looking, mobile-friendly sites for U.S. and Canadian real-estate professionals."

Equivalent services from WebsiteBox competitors are priced between $100 and $1500 per year just for the website, according to recent industry data from the National Association of Realtors. Other features -- like IDX, or CRM -- typically cost extra.

"That's tantamount to price gouging," says Lynn, "But there's no need for real estate professionals to get their pockets picked now that there's WebsiteBox. We deploy modern Internet technology, customize it to conform to real estate requirements, and sell it at a fair price. It's no small irony that, simply by doing what's typical in other markets, we'll be the value leader in the real estate world."

The company expects its low price to accelerate the way websites are used in the real estate marketplace. "At $99, agents now can afford to have a single-property website for any listing in their portfolio. For brokers, the $99 price tag, together with the collaborative CRM built into each website, will allow every agent in the brokerage to have a personalized website," says Lynn.

The WebsiteBox Do-It-All Websites for Real-Estate Professionals are available now and can be ordered and installed online in less than 30 minutes. Like any typical website hosting, each WebsiteBox website can be accessorized with personalized domains, additional email addresses, drip email-marketing campaigns, and other applications for a very nominal added cost.

About WebsiteBox
Toronto-based WebsiteBox was founded in 2012 by a group of technology professionals determined to establish a new value point in the real estate industry. Led by lifelong entrepreneur Kurt Lynn, WebsiteBox changes the game in real estate website technology. The company website has more information at

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Industry Upstart WebsiteBox Offers No-Strings Do-it-All Websites to Real Estate Agents, Teams and Brokers for $99 -- Lowest Price on the Market

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