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Related Realty and Give Back Homes launch “Agents for Change” campaign

News from the Adwerx blog

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Author: Adwerx
Submitted: 11/23/2016
Submitted by: RET Staff

adwerx_news-give-back-homes_1Patrick Ryan had a hammer in his hand, but digital ads were on his mind.

As senior vice president and managing broker at Related Realty in Chicago, these two activities did fit together. He was participating in a company-sponsored home build with the organization Giveback Homes. And he was thinking about how to get all his Related agents on the platform he was using for digital ads — Adwerx.

Fortunately, he was working right next to Caroline Pinal, co-founder of Giveback Homes. And she knew exactly how Patrick could accomplish his goal.

Fast forward a few months and Related Realty has partnered with Adwerx and Giveback Homes to launch "Agents for Change" ad campaigns, supporting a continuing initiative by Related Realty to build affordable homes for those in need in Chicago's West Pullman neighborhood. Related Realty will assume the cost of the campaigns, which will be available to brokers for marketing purposes, donating 10 percent to Giveback Homes for future builds.

"As brokers, much of our day is spent out in the field working in the neighborhoods that make Chicago such a vibrant and diverse city, so we encourage our agents to support those communities in any way possible," says Patrick. "The partnership with Giveback Homes and Adwerx benefits both our brokers and the neighborhoods they do business in, giving them an opportunity to create housing that transforms lives and revitalizes entire communities house by house, block by block."


"Homeownership is a universal dream, and we're thrilled to do our part to help bring that dream to families everywhere," says Jed Carlson, CEO of Adwerx. "The Related Realty team is doing the kind of community-based, socially-conscious business we love to see and in which we are privileged to take part."

Giveback Homes members get access to a hefty digital toolkit, with seasonally appropriate social media graphics to help promote their participation in the program. It's a powerful way for real estate agents to differentiate — by tapping into the modern homeowner's desire to transact with socially responsible companies.

In return, Adwerx customers who are Giveback Homes members can have a custom ad created, capturing the "Agent of Change" message.

"Our goal is to turn the act of buying and selling homes into an opportunity for social good," says Blake Andrews, founder of Giveback Homes. "Together with Related Realty and Adwerx, whose campaign will help raise awareness among consumers, we will be able to make a significant impact for those in need both locally and globally while inspiring others to join the cause."

To view the original post, visit the Adwerx blog.

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Related Realty and Give Back Homes launch “Agents for Change” campaign

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