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Goomzee Launches New LeadsByCell Service

News from the Goomzee blog

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Author: Guest Contributor
Submitted: 01/11/2017
Submitted by: RE Technology


Official announcement coming soon. Goomzee is pleased to share our new text message marketing and lead generation product, LeadsByCell, just launched in beta today. To address the ups/downs of selling and need for marketing tools, we introduced a solution with no monthly fees and just a pay-as-you-need plan starting at $39 per year. Your first 10 leads are free and then $1/lead thereafter (top up credits or auto top up).


  • no monthly fees
  • no more bills when business is slow
  • unique "vanity" codes are only $39/year
    • lead credits are $1/each and top up as needed
    • pick any code (6-16 chars) instead of numeric generated codes
    • once you reserve a specific keyword (e.g. OAKLAND) it's yours like a domain name as long as you renew every year
    • codes can be snatched up by others 7 days after expiring (grace period to renew)
  • promote anything
    • not just for listing agents, but everyone
    • brokers could place one code on all signs and distribute leads
    • no more need to buy separate signs and assign codes per listing
    • use a single code for all listings (link to mobile site, etc.)
    • promote yourself or services if no listings

To view the original article, visit the Goomzee blog.

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Goomzee Launches New LeadsByCell Service

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