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REALTORS Property Resource (RPR)

Contributor´s Information

Profile Image Realtors Property Resource TM (RPR), began in 2008 as one of NAR’s Second Century Initiatives RPR’s goal was to create an online real estate library that will provide NAR’S REALTOR® members with valuable data on every property in the United States.

This initiative is based on the collaborative efforts of REALTORS® and the real estate community, including Brokers, MLSs and Associations. RPR’s core mission is to reinforce the REALTOR’S® value in the market place by keeping them ahead of the technology curve and better able to serve today’s’ technology empowered consumer.

RPR, LLC was incorporated in November of 2009. RPR, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary corporation of the National Association of REALTORS®, and has no stockholders, no partners and no outside investors. It is funded by NAR’s Second Century Initiatives reserves, and all technologies, databases, systems and any future return on NAR’s investments belong to NAR’s members.

RPR will provide NAR’s REALTOR® members access to a national database of robust information which will give REALTORS® the greatest access to nationwide property information needed to best serve their clients and customers. RPR is a parcel centric system which will aggregate all available data sets and attach them to a property, including tax assessment and public record information, notice of default, REO, foreclosure and pre-foreclosure data, MLS/CIE-provided information, zoning, liens, permits, school districts, flood plain maps, demographics and much more.

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