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RE Technology Content Contributors

Matthew Ferrara

Contributor´s Information

Profile Image Every day, Matthew contributes ideas, facts and opportunities to the real estate business. In Matthew’s mind, only a consumer-centric service model can compete in the future. His company helps companies combine sales strategy, management, training and technology to create competitive solutions for the future. Matthew challenges clients to forget the past and focus on how customers live, work, play and buy things - like houses - today. Over twenty years, Matthew has worked with brokers around the world. He has seen some really cool ways to sell real estate, which he loves helping others to learn from. Having delivered more than 2000 seminars around the globe, Matthew encourages clients to start their stop saying “yeah, but…” and start saying, “what if…” For more about Matthew's company, please visit or his video Learning Network,

Latest Posts

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Article: Published on 11/06/2012
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Article: Published on 08/15/2012
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Article: Published on 07/22/2012
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