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RE Technology Content Contributors

Matt Cohen

Contributor´s Information

Profile Image Matt Cohen, Clareity's Chief Technologist, joined Clareity in 1996 and has over a decade of extensive real estate technology experience. Matt has consulted for many of the top Associations, regional MLSs, MLS software vendors, large brokerages and a wide variety of information and technology companies that service the real estate industry.

Matt serves as Clareity's lead Multiple Listing Service and Transaction Management System analyst and facilitates the system and vendor selection process for several organizations each year. He also leads Clareity's online survey practice, performing market research for software providers and member satisfaction surveys for associations and MLSs. Real estate software and technology providers look to Matt for assistance with strategic planning, market research, product planning, software design, quality assurance, usability, and security assessments. Matt has helped establish Clareity as the most experienced real estate information security consulting company in the United States.

Matt is a public speaker capable of addressing member, executive and technical audiences, and has spoken at many conferences, workshops and leadership retreats around the country, including various state association, MLS, NAR and Inman conferences.

For more information visit, email [email protected], or call 612-331-1788.

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