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RE Technology Content Contributors

Lee Goldstein

Contributor´s Information

Profile Image Lee Goldstein is a dynamic leader and problem solver and two time Entrepreneur of the Year nominee. Currently he is co-founder and CEO of Real Safe Agent, a revolutionary concept in keeping real estate agents safe. Prior to starting Real Safe Agent, he was COO of Builders Update, a new homes listing service exclusively for real estate agents. While there he helped bring the company from proof of concept to national prominence. Lee has a long history as an innovator and C-level executive in a variety of industries, including training where he was co-founder and CEO of TRMG, an international training facility provider for several Software 500 firms. Lee has also authored and been featured in several sales and management training courses as well as provided organizational consulting to companies in the technology, training, non-profit child-welfare and medical industries.

Latest Posts

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Article: Published on 09/27/2015
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Article: Published on 09/24/2015
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Article: Published on 09/22/2015
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Article: Published on 09/20/2015
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