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RE Technology Content Contributors

Kelly Phelan

Contributor´s Information

Profile Image Kelly Phelan has been an enthusiast of all things internet related since she logged onto her first BBS in the early 1990s. Before joining RE Technology's content team, she worked as a copywriter and content manager for an e-commerce footwear retailer. Outside of her RET duties, Kelly publishes a digital literary magazine and works as an editor for an independent publisher of comics and graphic novels.

Latest Posts

3 Components of Transaction Compliance and How to Manage Them
Article: Published on 02/20/2017
Tagged: Back Office
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Article: Published on 02/16/2017
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CFPB Fines Real Estate Company: Do Agents Need to Worry?
Article: Published on 02/14/2017
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Landing Pages 101: Tips and Tools for Getting Set Up Fast
Article: Published on 02/13/2017
Tagged: Advertising , Lead Generation, Online Marketing
Top 3 Tools to Integrate Into Your Back Office
Article: Published on 02/12/2017
Tagged: CRM , Accounting, Data Sharing, Back Office
Commission Management from A to Z
Article: Published on 02/06/2017
Tagged: Back Office
[Video] Grow Your Business by Growing Your Referrals
Article: Published on 02/01/2017
Tagged: Lead Generation , RETechinar
Top 10 Most Popular Articles from January
Article: Published on 01/31/2017
Tagged: Reporting

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